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We have no idea, not enough info floating around ;)

Video interviews…is that EI interviewing the team? I need to get up to speed on all this ^_^

NDRC piloting a program….like thsi but for games? http://www.ndrc.ie/launchpad/%5B/quote:cfa7927204%5D

The NDRC program is running alongside LaunchPad but will have certain modules that are Game Dev specific. There will be mentorship from established companies and persons of interest as well as incubation space at the NDRC.

The CSF video interviews/pitch are in 3 sections;

1 Min – Discuss why customers would be compelled to buy your product
2 Min – Explain your Revenue model
2 Min – Any other comments

Make sure that you are telling your story rather than regurgitating your application form.

I will commit to writing a blog post about our experience once it’s finished. Maybe just remind me if I forget ;)