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It was in 091Labs that I played Artemis, and was inspired by it’s concept. That was over a year ago now.

The FTL comparison is quite apt, but instead of ordering the crew around you (and your friends) are the crew.

I’m making great progress with the game. I’ve made massive improvements to the flight system.

Each ship now has 12 thrusters positioned around the ship, and two or more engines. Each thruster/engine is individually simulated, based on the pilot’s input, to maneuver the ship.

This allows fine tuning of each ship’s flight systems and gives each it’s own flight characteristics.

Later on, when the damage system is in, if an engine or thruster becomes damaged it’ll affect the maneuverability of the ship.

We did a multiplayer flight physics test on Wednesday with 12 players (the most yet), it worked beautifully.