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Playing devil’s advocate a bit, but Dave what is the incentive to spend a lot of time effort and money creating something which people want to use and making it so that anyone can get it for nothing? Surely stopping piracy and giving the creator control over his own work can only be good and will encourage creation?[/quote:3aeb9109e6]

Yes, there is no doubt that the alternative arguement is also incredibly important, though I would disagree that the creators get nothing for their efforts. Speaking mostly about music and film, each has a variety of alternate income sources which all contribute to the overall profitability of a brand. For music, there are tours (amongst a host of things) which provide a greater return to the musician than the corporation that create them. For film, there is the cinema (which I would attend more as a result of watching an overall greater number of movies), various merchandising and promotional tie ins and so on. One potential flaw with the games industry is that many of those alternate income sources have not been identified and worked upon as much as they should be.