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I’m pretty sure this one leaves a bit to be desired too :)[/quote:483619486a]well, that all depends on whether you are a buddhist, or not now, doesn’t it?! :wink:

The above definition would include such things as forced land purchases[/quote:483619486a]absolutely! The operative word here being ‘forced’

or a business deal where a company is selling to a competitor or other entity while under duress or financial strain. [/quote:483619486a] no, it wouldn’t in my book. After all, that would be undermining the very basis of capitalism, wouldn’t it?

Also, I see a distinct difference between taking something from someone and taking a copy, though i do believe the tradtional concept of theft is outdated as it refers to disposessing a victim, which isnt necessarily true any more.[/quote:483619486a]and therein lies the problem

I wonder if all those who espouse the ‘digital piracy is ok’ have ever had their hard work ripped off… hmmm, interesting one

Dave, this is exactly why pushing for a Shindig on the 1st when the likes of Hannigan or myself won;t be around. Who’ll you have to argue with over your post-Shindig kebab?!!!