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absolutely! The operative word here being ‘forced’ [/quote:944ae34ab0]
Ah now come on Mr Kelly! It happens all the time that the government obtains land for the purposes of the greater good, and its never been referred to or considered as theft. Sure, people do end up losing out, but thats just the nature of things.

I’d be interested to see here who can honestly say they have never used any form of illegal software/media etc. I’d say there arent many – sure even Microsoft have been caught using pirated software in their releases. So how is it that the majority of an (educated) population see an action which is illegal under our current laws as acceptable? Is it because we are collectively morally dubious, or because the law has yet to catch up with modern societal trends?

Or maybe the answer is that we see piracy as a minor sin, not a major one. Piracy is something that we are prepared to be a part of because the benefit outweighs the internal moral objections that we face as people, and that those that (possibly) lose out already make enough as it is.