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Playing devil’s advocate a bit, but Dave what is the incentive to spend a lot of time effort and money creating something which people want to use and making it so that anyone can get it for nothing? Surely stopping piracy and giving the creator control over his own work can only be good and will encourage creation?[/quote:871c2b5582]

Going back up the thread a bit, I would have to use the open source movement as a potential answer to what makes people interested in creating things and offering them for free. I’ve thought about the incentives on what drives those kinds of people, and I feel the strongest aspect of it is the sense of personal recognition that people receive from a community that grows from their offerings. It is a natural human instinct to try and impact the world in a way that they feel as significant. People cant stand the subconscious knowledge that when they die everything they stood for becomes dust unless they leave a legacy – be it children, a great empire or a neat little application that other people find useful. So I dont think that stopping piracy will in any way affect creation being encouraged – both sides of the coin are independent of piracy existing.