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The results of the sample taken would always depend on the identity of the people surveyed… besides, as others have alluded to, it’s as much about education as technology (hence the loud, abrasive FACT ads before movies and DVDs these days)[/quote:07d8a41852]

I dont think there is anything educational about the copyright ads shown before movies. I don’t think they are helpful, and I’m not even sure they are factually correct.

Maybe I’m wrong here, but don’t we under Irish law have the right to copy certain percentages of a copyright work, for many reasons – for example private study?
That’s how I read
anyway. (Obviously I am not a lawyer – I may well have misread this. Have we got a copyright lawyer handy here?)

But assuming the interpation is correct true, then there are scenarios where it would be perfectly legal to record some of a movie in the cinema.

For example, it’s also possible that one might want to take a video or photo of a friend, in the cinema, possibly catching a screen of the movie in the background, or possibly not.

In these cases, it appears you would not be committing a crime, in Ireland?
If this is so, then the scaremongering advertisments before movies are at least misleading, and at worst outright lies.

I dont believe wholesale copyright infringment is a good thing.
Neither do I believe that using what are oft percieved as bullying tactics, or providing misinformation to the public, helps anyone.

I mean, really, most people have cameras on their phones these days. Which are pieces of recording equipment. Are they committing a crime if they bring this into the cinema, as the ‘fact’ ads would seem to suggest? They are advertising it as if it were a legal fact, threatening us with ejection from the cinema, or prosecution. They even enourage audience members to be vigilent… even for camera phones?

I think the notices are quite ridiculous, in many ways…

I certainly wouldn’t call them educational.