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I’ll just throw this thought out there to the group.

Does ANYONE EVER foresee a time when games (or indeed modelling / animation) software will be hack / copy-proofed?

I mean this thread has been arguing over the pro’s and con’s of pirating Games, which cost somewhere around 40 [Euro] to buy in a shop. But if software giants like Autodesk (whose products are a $1000+) can’t get it right (Max 7.0 still has the same holes in its licensing method) how are games companies expected to do it?

Is it possible that the games programmers within companies just aren’t bothered about locking their EXE’s up tight? That they’d rather see their work (2 years of their life, late nights, weekends) played by as large an audience as possible.

My own opinion is that the programmers aren’t being scrutinised enough, or more outside, independent S.S.-style assessors need to examine the encryption/protection methods before the software/game goes gold.

Walk into any college canteen and you’ll see students playing cards at lunchtime for copies of Office XP and Battlefield 2.

This generation doesn’t seem to hold digital content with any real value.

A CD in the hand is worth nothing in the bush…

What say YE?