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Well my view on it is this.

People who buy games will buy games.

Those who will Pirate Games will Pirate them.

Even with the ever growing internet, and the general access that most people have to such resources online. Game sales are growing. Certainly within the PC sector anyone who really wanted to could download games, movies and other.

That said people who buy games buy them, and more often than not will opt to purchase the game as opposed to buy it.

Perhpas the easiest way to ensure people purchase game is return to the old Amiga, PC and C64 mentality and add extra value to the game. Either by providing really cool extras in the box etc. (As if it would work, but it may sway a few)

At the end of the day educating the consumer on what piracy is and what they are doing is wrong is not going to matter a fiddlers bit of difference. They are still going to download them, sure a few may feel morally that downloading them is now wrong. But lets be under no illusions, when it comes to downloading a game, or paying $40+ I would say most people who currently pirate will still pirate games.

My advice, target the people who will buy your games, dont enforce some copy protection system that will hinder the paying customers. As the security technology increases over time it seems the paying consumer is the one affected and not the pirate. At the end of the day it took me 3 days to get my legit copy of HL2 to work, while pirates were able to download it within hours of it going retail.

I enjoyed this rant

Personally I dont think educating the consumer on Pirating will drastically alter their perception on the concept of theft, and what it means and how it applies to digital media.