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But if you asked the average ‘man on the street’ – “would you mind if the product of your work for the past two years (remember all those weekends and evenings away from your family and friends spent crunching to get your labout of love out the door?) was shamelessly copied and distributed free of charge to all and sundry without a single cent going to you and your colleagues?” I think you’d find the survey might come up with a different set of results[/quote:70814eee94]
And I bet if you asked the same man the same question I asked, I bet he’d said he had used pirated media.

I’m not saying its right, I actually do think its very wrong, but in today’s society, there seems to be no reprocusions for doing it and it is extremely wide-spread and deemed okay. How many non-technical people used Napster, quite a few. I can’t imagine many people use bit torrents to download tv shows and think, “nah, this is wrong, I should buy the dvd”. Its acceptable in society and the law doesn’t know how to stop it.