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Ah, I just dont trust companies that try to pressure you into buying something by calling you on the phone.[/quote:1fe8ad34be]

Yeah, thats a pain in the arse alright. Eircom are always phoning us asking, nay, begging us to return to them.

You can always have a bit of fun though. Lead them on by sounding really interested and then say something really ridiculous at the end like “I just saw a magpie wearing a fedora and its a bad omen so I’ve changed my mind”. Then you will get the “erm…..ok…..er…..” response to which you say something like “can I interest you in a fairy cake”, and just keep going with the madness until they hang up.

Its like when Jehovahs Witnesses or Mormons call around and you engage them in conversation about the merits of Satanism.