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The scene with the fictional GTA-esque game made me almost ashamed of games, even if it was an extreme exaggeration[/quote:537c31669d]

I felt somewhat the same when i saw that scene in the film – although i did laugh at the “grenade” bit. Great film too.

Maybe then gamers will have matured to such a level that they feel like they can achieve a level of satisfaction from a game with resorting to over the top violence…[/quote:537c31669d]

Exactly, how many young boys (possibly girls these days too) play “army” and then just grow out of it or find a much more engaging hobby – possibly something a bit more “hands-on” :wink: ?

The first few games that really got PC gaming out there to the masses were violent games from Id and also created the First Person Shooter genre. And people just hopped on the bang wagon.

As long as violence is glamourised it will always sell to people, and combined with the fact computer games are about fantasy – although paradoxically, with increasing levels of realism – you can kill and be killed without any serious implications other than you may have to start the level over again.

I think it’s easy to have a violent game as it appeals to the lowest common denominator, as like a John Woo movie (yeah, i watched MI:2 last night) it looks slick, distracts you for a few hours and people will always talk about “that bit where they jump off the bikes” rather than any sort of social commentary a film (that won’t apply to MI:2 btw!) might contain.

I’d like to see games that don’t rely on body counts to ship units but either the market is going to have to change / developers are going to have to change…and if there are enough people willing to buy it, it makes perfect business sense to sell to that market.