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yea i agree with john there , (lol i am his class and all ) , but yea , the only thing wrong with ballyfermot , is its too short , but if you apply to england like some of us are doing now , they do consider it a degree , and with good reason

i went into the course straight out of 2nd level , and as you know the leaving cert in this country is useless , i mean, i had only just done a little unreal level design and autocad stuff. and some programming. so i had alot of ground to make up. but in two years , i feel i have learn a hugh deal . plus i think the course is great , for showing you every part of games development , , level design , programmer , modeling. So you really get a feel for everything.

oh and p.s. john if i built a house it whould be twice as large as yours and hover above the ground ,