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Seems like Rebellion are hiring like mad at the moment.I read there last week their now branch into racing games by acquiring Razorworks (developer of Ford Racing) from Empire (who had entered consultation with the studio, I know how that feels).

Also worth checking out Codemasters website, their hiring like mad at the moment. They’ve got a few really good projects in the pipeline (one very exciting one indeed which is unannounced). Also its a very different place to what it was, as some of my former work mates went back to work for them having left to join SEGA, and they had been offered numerous other roles at studios up and down the country.

Also Freestyle in leamington spa are hiring at mo, they’re a wicked studio. Lots of ex-codemasters guys there with buckets of experience working on a new IP.

Another one who’s hiring is a relatively new studio called Monumental Games in Nottingham specialising in MMORPG for console and PC. Alot of ex-climax studios guys heading up his place but expect a few ppl from Rare, Free Radical Design and neighbouring studios in Derby and leamington (i.e. Rebellion\Core Design, Eurocom, blitz codies etc). I know the lead environment artist there (used to work with me at SRS on SEGA Rally) and he recently mentioned they were on the look out for good programmers and artists so if your interested PM and I’ll put you in contact with him.

(Note please dont bother if you havent got a showreel or demo, a few ppl emailed me in the past looking for programming\art jobs in games, because they thought it would be cool and sent me a half arsed c.v. thrown together in 15 minutes and no demo, chancing their arm. How they thought that would work is beyond me, they went in the bin. Anyway I really dont wanna waste Si’s time).[/quote:bc8961c9e1]

Pete, you’re great you know that? :D

I got a call today from Codemasters (after applying yesterday, now thats service!) but they could only offer me a Q.A. position as I have no industry experience (yes, the old catch 22 situation). But if youve got experience I say give them a call, they are very proffesional.