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I recommend learning Java but supporting that by studying C too.. not C++..[/quote:4b58b6af71]

Can you justify why not to learn C++?

If you want to get into cell phone programming you should learn JAVA. I can see how some C like knowledge of use of pre proccessors (you usually use one of these even in JAVA for phone build environments eg Antenna, J2ME Polish) and some of the tricks used in low level C programming help for cell phone stuff, but you need to remember that JAVA is not C or C++.

JAVA, C and C++ are all entirely different programming languages and should be treated as such. They need to be learned seperately. Given they have similarities in syntax, so some of the basic stuctures overlap. But you should not mix C code in C++ style code (This is specially annoying if you did not write the orignal code; eg some ejit thinking writing their own string classes is a good idea use std::wstring FFS!). Programming in C++ as you would in JAVA doesn’t work too well either.

You should learn C++ too, maybe once your used to the idea of programming.

Also remember no language is “the best” and things will constantly change, you’ve got to be ready to learn new languages, paradigms and libaries all the time. If you are starting programming altogether maybe try and throw together a few little programs in some form of BASIC and see if you like programming first.