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Having worked in the UK for close to nine years I have come across many Irish living and working there who would jump at a chance to work here. In fact. I reckon if every Irish person over there actually returned to Ireland for work it would leave a fair sized hole in a great many studios teams. I spent most of my nine years there waiting for an opportunity to return here. I’m all about the Irish industry (how ever tiny it may be). I’m here to support it any which way I can (as is everyone on GD I’m sure). I just don’t currently see any change from ten years ago. There are still just as many people (if not more) keen to get into games dev and there are still as many jobs going (i.e not many at all).
Having said all that and on a more positive note I keep hearing rumours about various big players coming here to take advantage of our corporation taxes. So……fingers crossed. I’m certainly more hopeful of growth here in 2006 than I was in 2005/4/3/2/1/0 etc. etc. especially in terms of mobile dev.