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now onto the home-brew and open source dev kits for the PS3 / PSP, how long do you think we’ll have to campaign for those ones???[/quote:9e77cf9955]

For PS3, they may be there from day one. Kutaragi has suggested Sony may include Linux on all PS3 hard disks.

As mentioned in my thread in Programming (http://www.gamedevelopers.ie/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2065), you can now already download software dev kits for Cell for free, with a simulator for testing and running your code (runs of Fedora Core 4, which you can also get for free). Couple that with nvidia tools and you’d have something that looks and behaves very like any PS3 linux kit will, methinks, minus the performance of course!

One step forward but two steps back it seems…
Just noticed this article on The Inquirer…Clicky!

Seems Sony doesnt want people playing pre-owned games, not very nice of them in my opinion…[/quote:9e77cf9955]

Typical alarmist, anti-Sony FUD. That patent is older than PS2. Neither PS2 nor PSP used this system, so there’s little reason to suddenly think they’ll use it for PS3. Don’t know what kind of person trawls a patent database for 6 year old patents, and then suggests a link to future hardware (maybe someone with MS connections :roll: – no, it wouldn’t surprise me)

As for region encoding, grain of salt methinks. Sounds like this guys own speculation, rather than something they’re actually considering. And Sony could make the hardware region-free, but publishers could still include region-encoding, as is the case with xbox i believe.