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As for lucid dreaming, I’m certainly no stranger to it. It makes your dreams VERY REAL. ‘Brilliant’ I hear you say.. not when most of them are nightmares where you end up on an empty demonic field.[/quote:515e0bcb2e]

If you were truly lucid dreaming you could have simply changed the dream. I don’t think you were really into a deep lucid dream, because when you are you can make the dream anything you want. Maybe you were semi-lucid in that you were aware you were dreaming but couldn’t actually change anything in the dream.
It can be very hard to go from semi-lucid to full-on lucid action! But its worth it………..I still remember deciding to give myself superhuman kung fu abilities in a dream and having a full on kung fu fight with a couple of bad guys, complete with “wire work” without the wires of course!