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Hrm, the link actually goes to the Madworld gameplay trailer, which after watching it is far more interesting than Wolfenstein one imo. The level of violence in it is rather shocking actually, it should be interesting to see if we have another Manhunt 2 situation on our hands with it, especially with things like this…

Watching Inaba play, the controls do look intuitive – you swing the remote downwards to chop off a head, for example, and make a forwards thrusting movement to impale people on pointy sticks.
Nevertheless, I can see the tabloid press foaming at the mouths as this game gets closer to public consumption. :?

I did have to laugh at some of the parts of the interview that the Producer of the game, Atsushi Inaba, gave…

One journalist pipes up to suggest chopping each other into bloody messes isn’t most Wii users’ idea of social gaming fun. Isn’t MadWorld a bit hardcore? "It might seem a little niche or a little core, but actually when you play it’s a pretty simple action game," says Inaba . "Anyone can pick it up and play. It’s perfect for Wii, because Wii is the perfect social console."
Yea, I can really see this being billed as a "social" game in the mainstream. ;)