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There are a good few Irish folk who worked \ work in the UK (tbh I havent met many…but I’ve been at the wrong companies).

Alot of them get settled in the UK and might not want to return home. Even when the game courses in Ireland start pumping out graduates…where are they gonna go? Sure some mentalists might try and set up a company together with mates but it would be an uphill battle to get funding with no experience…so *bing* off they go to the UK….ya know yourself.

Oh and tbh I would recommend getting industry experience….but having said that, the Darwinia guys came straight out of college and set up their company.

Meanwhile Torc so far lead the way (imo) of the companies that are running at the moment. I know too little about the other ones out there, at least I can physically play there stuff.

Investors may want to take a risk on a games company but the right foundations need to be there to inspire confidence.

[damn why am I always so down on the Irish scene…]