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Jamie Mc

There are some of us working on doing it, but it will take time still unfortunately. There are a lot of practices and procedures to make a company that is legally compliant but also practically focused towards game development industry.

But when we do, we intend the games we produce to be AAA quality. Anything less in this day and age is taking the piss out of the consumer who allows us to work in such a fantastic industry. And unfortunately, as in Sony’s case, they released what they did.

But remember one thing lads, the sales of this title (and I’m talking about launch, Christmas, and throughout next year’s GAA season as opposed to the traditional 6 week sales period) will prove whether there is a big enough market for Irish-targeted titles to have a chance. I believe that this was Sony’s reasoning, and it’s free market research for each and every single person working in this industry.

If you are interested, stop looking at the ads, and anything aimed at gamers. They’ll be target marketing the exact places where people who aren’t hardcore gamers but still have a Playstation. That is what will ultimately build the market. So have fun watching them do it, they are very good at what they do.

And whether the game is good or not, it will prove if enough Irish people buy the game, and if they do, their appetites will be a lot more open to Irish produced titles.