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Now I know they’re not bars behind you in that photo Mal, and I also know there’s a 50% chance it was photographed in a bar……..LOL

Nice 1


Hey Bouy,
that’s great stuff yer at there, why shockin’ is the only word for it..er…well…em… or maybe innovative is another one..now come to think of it…you could say shockingly innovative or even innovatively shocking..anyway either way MALACKY ole buddy it’s good shit Bouy.

Just love the bio:

About the author
As one of the directors of CanDo Interactive, Mal Duffin has extensive experience creating interactive Shockwave 3D content. He previously worked on video games and virtual reality projects for companies like Sony, Shiny Entertainment, and IBM – He owes Mick Maguire a Fiver[/quote:6427aaef5a]