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Alberta is hard to get into, but if you apply to do one by research in ireland you can easily get 6 months working with alberta. Send an email to the director head of 4C (www.4c.ucc.ie), and tell him your plan. you want to do a msc in ai by research, at the centre with the possibility of going to alberta to work with them. 4C has good links with most of these groups.
Already one of the student here went to alberta for a while to work with that group.

As for a games AI msc’s, the reason why these dont exist yet is because at present the majority of AI in games are finite state machines or if-else statements. So it doesnt take a year long msc to teach you FSMs. (could be taught in a 1 hour tutorial :-) ).

In fact you probably encounter them in some form or another in an undergrad degree, in an algorithms course. Also the majority of so called “ai books for games” spend a mass amount of pages going on about FSM..

Alberta specialise more in classical games such as go, chess etc. Although they due have industrial programs with bioware and EA Canada. But its unlikely you would be let near any of the industrial work because this is extremely cloak and dagger work, reams of paper work\nda’s\red tape are signed by both parties before EA will give alberta the source code to just fifa99. (6 years after its release) and limited people are allowed to view this code. This fact I have on 100% solid info.

For games in the future i think you need to do a solid msc or some course in AI which gives you a flavour of true ai; neural networks,genetic algorithms, first order predicate logic, nlp, pathfinding etc..
After which you adapt these to a games domain. Because these techniques will all be used in future next gen games.

This is a “game ai” in the true sense of ai, is a very new area of AI so few people know how to do it well enough, not alone write a cirriculum. The bright side is, since its so new there is no wrong way or right way, only the way you did it.. Cool thing is your combining traditional ai in ways people never thought it could be used.