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I had no idea UCC had an MSc in Intelligent Systems!!!

I know of an Applied Science MSc that’s for Intelligent Systems Business and Manufacturing – is that the same one?

sounds alot like derek bridges ai course in final year computer science in u.c.c.

he did a whole MSc course in one module in a final year? woah! :o[/quote:d6dd36a52c]

well was 10 credits so 3 hours a week i think.

well what you have to remember that alot of that msc, is course work. We did all assignments by hand, so no dedicated lab times. Also an msc consists of a dissertation. (he presumed everyone knew how to code by final year, so the theory was more important).

But he does cover alot,

yes thats the msc in u.c.c alright. Probably not geared towards games, but in fairness what a.i. msc is. If it was it would be a pretty short msc (finite state machines and switch statements).