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I think the initial post about a game where you assume the role of Fianna Fail or Fine Gael would be absolutely hilarious! I can just image D4 shite-hawks everywhere downloading it onto their Platinum-Plated, 7-Series-BMW-Themed Nokia 9990 Phones.

Oh I can hear them now! Having a few [overpriced] drinks in the Berkley Court Lounge, shouting over to each other, feverishly tapping buttons…

“Hey, I just bribed Bertie! Looks like I’ll be getting planning permission for the new shopping centre out on Wicklow Mountains!”


“Enda Kenny just sold me all of Roscommon for banana sandwich! The man truly is an idiot!”

Of course the bad-boys of politics would have to be the Green Party! And by green, I’m referring to the Green Party (the lads who pick up the rubbish) as opposed to the GREEN Party (Gerry & Martin).

“Them tree-huggin hippy shites just took down all my election posters and turned them into environmentally-friendly mulch! FECKERS!”

Lads, I know it’s late, and I’ve a brew or two in me, but I think it’s time to break out the USE Case Diagrams and give ol Rational Rose a shout. I think this is the start of a games revolution!

What say ye to that! Any advance orders???