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The infiltration of the games we play by advertising has begun to happen already. If any of you have played Need For Speed: Underground you may have noticed large neon signs scatted around the city advertising the nearest Burger King or KFC, now do you think EA did this for free? While I don’t see it becoming any kind of a problem since in some types of games it may lend a certain authenticity, I also don’t however seeing it getting involved in the actual gameplay. Politics on the other hand, in my opinion anyway, will never feature heavily in games. Isnt that why we play games? For our enjoyment and to a certain extent escape reality for awhile? What good would they be if playing a game was the same as living a different, maybe boring, life?

Also remember if politics DID enter games what party would want themselves portrayed in a negative light? It would be the same as the car companies a few years back not wanting their cars names used in games if they were going to get destroyed or even badly damaged. I assume Fianna Gael couldnt just commission a game to be developed where Enda Kenny gets to unload various types of ammunition into an uncapacitated Bertie Ahern? :lol: