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I wouldn’t really be comfortable about posting something like that as news. Mainly because this is something that is being aired by alot of people and not just myself, so I would certainly feel like a tosser if I was to try and submit this as news, perhaps get in contact with Shawn Elliot or Jeff Green of GFW, they could give you a decent run down.

Regarding the review scores, it’s not so much the 10 / 10 reviews that are bothering me but rather the ways in which the enthusiast press are been drawn into the Marketting process for games and very few are being objective.

As pointed out by Pete

I like Kotaku’s reviews, no ratings/score system


This is a far better way of reviewing, you go into the good and the bad. Doing more critical analysis without nitpicking or praising the games as being flawless.

(Obviously this is all my own opinion and there are certainly far better ways of doing things.)