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Zero Punctuation is rather refreshing.

Regarding the subject of objectivity, when it’s your job to be objective I believe people can put themselves in a position where they are professional enough to be objective. Or it should be the job of their editor to pin point exactly when their own personal views are getting in the way of them being objective.

While I have no interest in most sports games, I am rather certain that if I were to sit down and play a sports game I could be objective and appreciate the game for what it is. I believe almost anyone could put themselves in the same position, obviously someone with a more indepth knowledge on the subject matter would be in a better position to go into the finer details, but not knowing a subject matter by heart does not restrict someone from being objective.

If anyone has ever listened to 1up Yours, The Hotspot and any IGN Podcast you can certainly tell which writers are heavily invested into certain games / franchises and even consoles. The question remains which of these writers / presenters can still remain objective in their work.

(GFW & GamersWithJobs appear to be some of the few crews who can buy into a product but still remain objective and informative at the same time. Certainly not without their flaws but I would highly recommend listening to them. Game Theory is also a good listen).

As it stands right now reviews are getting to the point where they have as much value as the content on the back of the box. Just give everything a 10, point out the positive factors and let’s all have a quick round of Hi-5’s