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Handheld market leader Nintendo continues to dominate in Japan where its Nintendo DS trumps the PSP in sales. The company edges out the PSP in the U.S. at 2.7 million Nintendo DS units sold compared to Sony’s 2.43 million units sold.[/quote:0dc2cef1c2]


Back in October, SCEA boss Kaz Hirai predicted that the firm would reach six million units by the start of 2006; at that point, Sony had recently announced hitting 4.47 million units shipped in North America, as part of 10 million units shipped worldwide.

However, there has been some confusion about whether Hirai was referring to installed base or shipments of consoles. SCEA generally refers to shipments rather than sell-through figures, but according to news agency Reuters, claimed to have sold three million PSPs by the beginning of November.

That figure is disputed by market information firm NPD, which pegs the sell-through figure for the PlayStation Portable by the end of the month at just 2.5 million units, just behind the Nintendo DS with 2.7 million units.[/quote:0dc2cef1c2]

oh so very confuseing… but i think kyotokid is right, its 10million units shipped by the end of 2005, not sold