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I think that you should set out some realistic goals. Since your interested in programming, i suggest, excuse the french, breaking your balls to get into Trinity to do computer science. Some of Irelands best come from there, re Havok. [/quote:1ec9fdf457]

Wouldnt entirely agree with this point, you pointed out some extreme cases. Its like saying to get the best results go to bruce college! Point is these people would have done just as well in any computer science course, coz its the people themselves not the colllege. They are smart, you cant teach people to be smart, only to use it.

A college will not make you an ace programmer, i know quite a number of cs students from high profile cs degree\elec eng which i wouldnt hire to program my vcr. Like any college you get some good students nd you get some bad ones. How many on the forums are games programmers and went to trinity?

I would say any course which has alot of programming\maths is of merit, although a degree is probably essential alright.