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One thing that always scared me about Trinity is that its Computer Science degree is ( or at least was when I was applying for uni ) a BA and not a BSc. Never understood that one. As a result I didn’t go there, and I missed by 5 points and got the course I actually preferred as a result :)

…nit picking here, it’s a B.A.(Mod.) which is different. B.A. is generally 3 years while B.A.(Mod.) is 4. Actual degree classification in this case is historic – the B.A.(Mod.) evolved out of the B.A.I. (engineering) from TCD and not the Science faculty and add in a twist of politics and alignment with other universities (outside Ireland) and you get the B.A. flavour.

I’d definitelly agree with the going to work in a company for a while before making the jump. As was said before, I too had these grand ideas and then realising I couldn’t lay my hands oon quite a substantial sum of money (circa 100K+) it’d be a much better idea to get me a job where I could learn the ropes. Should things pan out, maybe in the future ( with the contacts and expereience gained ) something may happen, but the semi-security of working in a games company is comforting…

Couldn’t agree more here. I’d re-use a quote from Carmack recently – when you think you’re 90% done with your game tech (he was actually talking about graphics engine) you’re really only 10%. Developing an AAA game is one of the most competitive, expensive, technologically demanding and least understood product creation exercises you can choose to embark upon. If it wasn’t so much fun no-one in their right mind would do it.