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Dave, how many people think, “Oh, aren’t Microsoft great. They are a huge company and have so much money. They buy out small companies that do something good, so they can make more money from it. Wow, what a great company!”
No, everyone says, “Microsoft…bah! Hate them money grabbing b******s!”

In video games, EA are on that level. Why should we treat them any different??

No one likes the favourite, you always root for the under-dog.

I know what EA are and have done. I don’t agree that they have made “a huge number of very good games”. They have released a few and then they have driven the franchise into the ground with release after release of expansions for them. And yet because of their aggressive marketing, EA are what gets advertised while smaller companies don’t have the revenue to go public like them and thus suffer.
I’ve been to their offices, I know some of their employees and I don’t like what they stand for. Whenever I mention jobs the guys I know ask for details.
I don’t bash for what I think they should be, I bash for what they are.