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Originally posted by Nooptical

To be honest, there is no question here, EA have brought gaming to the massmarket, maybe not as much here, but in the states where you have Madden NFL and Ice Hockey/Baseball/Basketball and soccer EA have publishing rights for all of them and develop most of them also.

Wheter or not EA are healthy for the more ‘gamer’ side of the gaming industry is undecided. They simply and effectivly amass and prduce the most ‘pick up and play’ games of any of the other companies put together.

If EA dissapered from the market, as such I imagine the state of the indusrty would plummit. With so many franchises singled out as EA, loosing the Name would mean loosing the people and ofcourse interest in the games indusrty. Even the most uneducated games enthuasiast will buy an EA game on sight, most noticably Fifa, imagine if Fifa had a new developer or publisher, lets say Konami. Johnny EA enthuasiast comes in and spots Fifa, “hmmmm Konami, what the hell are they? Oh look theres Pro Evo 5 from EA!, excellent”

You know its true.