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Even the most uneducated games enthuasiast will buy an EA game on sight[/quote:3ee8418270]
Don’t you mean only the uneduated here ?? Its parents and kids that buy the likes of HP and Bond expecting a good game. I’d never buy them, being educated, knowing they’re going to be crap.

And I don’t think Fifa needs EA’s endorsement anymore. Fifa is a brand on its only, and its a great example of a franchise that EA have let slip. They’ve tried to pull it back now, but i think the moajorit of educated gamers prefer Pro Evo today.

Uneducated games + mass marketed good = sales for EA.

Who knows what would happen if the hypothetical situation of EA disappearring happened. You really think people would just stop buying games?? That ludicrous, its become part of society now. They’d just buy different games.

Yes, they sell millions and millions of copies. So what ?? In my opinion they have still dropped their game standard and because they, the biggest company have done it, its seen as acceptable by the public and so its becoming common-place.

Their greed has grown…you know THATS true.