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EA have brought gaming to the massmarket, maybe not as much here, but in the states where you have Madden NFL and Ice Hockey/Baseball/Basketball and soccer EA have publishing rights for all of them and develop most of them also.[/quote:3294918859]

So are you saying that NO other company could have bought the licenses and creatde these franchises in the absence of EA?

If EA dissapered from the market, as such I imagine the state of the indusrty would plummit. With so many franchises singled out as EA, loosing the Name would mean loosing the people and of course interest in the games indusrty[/quote:3294918859]

Wouldn’t happen in my opinion. A kid doesn’t buy Fifa because its made by EA, its because it Fifa 2005.
A kid doesn’t buy Harry Potter because of EA, its because its Harry Potter.
A kid doesn’t buy Need for Speed: Underground because its EA, its because its Need for Speed: Underground.

You get my point…. ;)

The only people who might really consider the developer of a game when they buy are knowlegable gamers, who know about developers track records.
Mass market consumers don’t go by developers or publishers, they go by brands and franchises they know. And to be honest just because EA bought licenses to these brands doesn’t mean that if it wasn’t for them there would be no mass market for games. Someone else would have done it instead.
And maybe that someone else would be just as inconsiderate to their employees as EA, or maybe they wouldn’t be, we will never know.

My point is, games becoming mass market would have happened anyway.

in Kim Jong il voice:
It was inevitable