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Just because EA are making money by selling to the mass market doesn’t mean we have to stop disliking them.[/quote:95500f475d]
Part of the reason that people here do dislike EA is because they are selling to the mass market. They invest their budget in licencing and IP, not in pure development. This does trade creativity and innovation for brand awareness, there’s no doubt. But that’s what the mass market wants. Screw gameplay, screw originality and screw innovation, the mass market wants to play Manchester United and win stuff with famous players.

As game developers, it is our job to create a positive end user experience for those that buy the game, not satisfy our own whims as to what a good game is. We have to analyse what the public want and give it to them.

the people who make the big decisions I don’t respect[/quote:95500f475d]
Those people are high calibre businessmen doing exactly what high calibre businessmen do in market dominant positions. They make money and squeeze out as much of the opposition as possible. Whether you like it or not, thats the way life, not just EA, works.

Dave, how many people think, “Oh, aren’t Microsoft great. They are a huge company and have so much money. They buy out small companies that do something good so they can make more money from it. Wow, what a great company!”[/quote:95500f475d]
The shareholders. And they are the only people that count.

That has nothing to do with EA in my view, thats to do with people who played games as kids when it was all beginning(ie: NES days) growing up and continuing to play games, and then their kids playing games.[/quote:95500f475d]
So once a generation has passed, there is no need for marketing? How quicky do you think Coke would lose its share of the market if they stopped advertising and sponsoring things? EA get their products on the TV, and that is critical in developing and maintaining a consumer desire for your products.

I’d never buy them, being educated, knowing they’re going to be crap.[/quote:95500f475d]
That sounds like something a Trinity student would say.

Who knows what would happen if the hypothetical situation of EA disappearring happened. [/quote:95500f475d]
Another company, maybe Ubisoft (just to spite Damien) would quickly take their place as the monolithic evil faceless nasty game producing entity.