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I can see Ryanair pulling out of Derry before long. They’ve already threatened to do so before. Just wait until they get upgrade their aircraft. They’ll start complaining about the size of the runway again. The airport will certainly never be used to carry passengers to continental Europe.

Dublin and Belfast are the only two international airports here. The latter city can hardly be called a game development hub, so Dublin is the obvious one for the near future.[/quote:c23d4e930c]

Derry has already got funding to increase the size of the runway. I dont think it is likely that ryanair will pull ot and its only a matter of time before more flights are available to and from city of derry airport. there is a lot of controversy over this, as the decision to increase the size of the runway was not decided by derry city council (who own the airport) but by ryanair as they threatened to pull out because their new planes were too big. but the development is taking place none the less.


with regards the awakenings conference. i am dissapointed it cannot be held in the place it originated, but theres not much that can be done about that now. i do feel that keeping the conference in the one spot each year is much better as its name will grow. Derry/ donegal has 1 established games company (torc), 1 emerging company (phooka) and a whole batch of future game designers working in the incubation centre in nwifhe. as well as dublin i think derry should be established as a digital hub also.

anywho… sorry for rambling.