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Yeah, but its a bit of a misnomer, eh ?[/quote:67f677180d] not really – we also ‘produce’ the budget, without which… well, you get the point ;)

there are many ‘flavours’ of producer (and I’m not including the assistant, associate and executive types here). But mainly they have 3 roles:

design/creative sourcing and creating new IP, shepherding and protecting the game’s ‘vision’, shaping an IP to find a better niche within a given market

business liaising with both management and publishers, pitching concepts and finding funding, tracking market trends, etc.

pure production budgeting, scheduling, tracking, reporting, hiring, training and people management

Prooducers are generally the project lead and thus responsible for every facet of a game’s ultimate success or failure. That’s the theory… what generally tends to happen is that if a project goes well ‘the team did a great job’. If it goes badly, ‘it was the producer’s fault’!! (That’s the perception anyway)

Also, a producer is generally the first person onto a new project and the last person to leave it…