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Tony, dare I ask what an associate producer does ?? ( other than the manual )[/quote:cbbdcab923] this really depends on the studio and the project….

some studios have one Associate Producer per SKU, with the whole project being overseen by a Producer

We’re hiring an AP from a studio in LA at the moment – and her responsibilites will be scheduling and task tracking only

I pretty much agree with most of what Mal said above. The number and type of responsibilities are less important then the number of roles in my experience. Very few people can perform well in 3 or more roles; two seems to be the limit for most, while some are best suited to focussing solely on a single job. Production roles are all about multi-tasking and problem solving, as much as planning

I would also add that the games industry is famous for its lack of project and people management skills – which is probably why so many of you have nothing good to say about your producers (Having said that the folks in Torc may well feel the same way about me ;) ). In general, I would say that if you do not finish a project feeling that your producer has protected both you and the integrity of the project from unrealistic deadlines and work schedules, then then there’s trouble at mill basically…

Of course, producers only have so much power in the end. Management will always have the last word. (At this point it may be worth noting that from a developers’ point of view, Producers are management – and to management’s point of view Producers are developers…. piggy in the middle doesn’t cover it!)