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You should review Game Programmers Guide To Torque (google books should have sample chapters free to review) as well as Advanced Game Programming All in One (which is the follow up book for advanced programming with Torque.)

Night-time scenes, and weather systems are covered pretty well in


Which is a good book for learning the features available in TGE fast.

As some of the board members mentioned, your time may be better spent writing your own “Mood Manager” which would interface with your “Light Manager” and/or “Audio Manager” (if atmosphere is what you are hoping to achieve).

However, the ability to use middleware (which appears to be what you are doing) is a great skill, and if a product ships with the functionality to meet your System Requirements, then you are a smart man to make good use of existing code. Most employers will look for programmers who can get the tasks completed. The exception to this would obviously be an Engine Programmer, who would be considered with writing everything from the ground up.

If you are seeking an Engine Programmer position, write your “Mood Manager” from scratch. If your seeking a Gameplay Programmer post or equivalent, then make effective use of the available functionality from your middleware.