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Lionhead thing was coming for a while. I never saw Ubisoft seriously talking them over because of MS’s close ties with Fable etc. I would imagine MS will let them go about business as normal like with RARE but I suspect they will want Lionhead to stick to more stricter release windows, and not let BW3 etc slip 1-2 years from when its originally slated for.

IMHO thats why B&W2 failed, sure everyone knew about it etc but they were waiting so long, when it finally showed up they were like down Game and seeing it on the shelf going “wow its finally out, but i came in to buy pro Evo 5 maybe next time”.

On the Sega thing:

Sega bought Secret Level in San Franciso and its to become an internal studio for SOA. We also purchased Sports Interactive in London (makers of Football Manager 2005, and also old developers of Championship Manager). 2nd fastest selling game in the UK for PC. Which was a very good purchase indeed.