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on the sega thing:

i thought when Sports Interactive left eidos, causal gamers being the think heads that there are, would keep buying championship manager and not football manager, because of the name. But i was proven wrong, causal gamers are getting smarter… :shock:

great buy, just like fifa and championship, football manager is a licence to print money.

it was hard to get info about Secret Level, because of the name (try googling it) but i got some info from mobygames

i’m happy to see Lionhead be bought, instead of going down, but still sad to see another Independ go.

The only thing i worry is will they go the way of Rare or Bungie? i was talking to a guy whos bother worked for rare right up to conkers: reloaded for the xbox, and he said that the place was falling apart once MS took over, MS put in a load of managers the knew F all about games… he left Rare another high profile developer (not say who…. MS spies might be watching )