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Hrm, a good laptop with a decent graphics card is going to be tough to get for that price. If you could push it to ~e1500 you’d be sorted. That said my mate recently got a very nice Sony Vaio from Dabs which comes with a GeForce 7400 GO. Not the best card in the world but at least it will run decent games unlike Intel’s integrated solutions.

Ik is right though, definitly wait till the new Intel Merom (Core 2 Duo) CPUs are mainstream. They’ve been shipping since the end of July but they’re still pretty scare at the moment. Trust me though, they’ll whup the current Core Duo’s ass. :)

As for the Mac’s…hrm to be blunt I don’t like Apple but I have to admit the Macbook Pros/Powerbooks are very nice. I don’t however, think they’re the best for games given that most of them need to be run through Rosetta for the emulation to work. They are available with Radeon x1600 cards which are slightly less powerful than a Geforce 6600 desktop card, again not too powerful but a step up from integrated chips.