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So basically the one reason he was buying one was becuase it looke good. Make sure you don’t get one for the same reason.[/quote:b3319b653b]

I’m not looking at getting a Mac because they look good, i’m just a bit fed up of Windows and feel like trying something new – most of my game dev is in java anyhow. Although i think i might give ubuntu a whirl for something different – a friend recommended it, a complete OS on a CD!

The University i’m going to apparently have a special deal with Apple for a better rate than the Higher Education deals, I won’t know just how much until i register in September though.

In relation to the Mac as a gaming laptop, legend has it they deliberately _under_ clock the gfx card in order to keep the heat and noise levels down.

Fujitsu-siemens might be worth a look but the largest screen i’ve seen is a 15″ Lifebook, but it had a pretty lousy gfx card.

Toshiba have a pretty decent laptop p-100 or the p-105 if that model is available in Ireland? Or if you can hang on the Tecra A7 should be out soon – it’s available from the Toshiba US online store.