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steve_skittles wrote:
overnight!!! they have released TWO of these games!! and “casual gamers” still dont see the error of there ways. same go’s for need for speed and FIFA. like granded i know many EA buyers may be kids but still EA release sequeal after sequeal and make slight changes to the game play, and people go out and lap it up!! not only that but innovation and talent go over looked these days!! i cant name on person who owns a copy of katamari. plus not only that but the one GOOD game EA get there hands on (strangers wrath) they make a mess the the publishing!! i know im having a good ol blast at EA but i dont know of any other company which have such a strong hold on the games industry yet have very few good games. [/quote:853c4a45fb]

EA aren’t that bad. Some of the games they publish are really good. Look at Tiger Woods golf. I got the 2004 game last summer for EUR 30 and i got more playtime out of it than any other ps2 game i ever bought.

Im playing Fight Night round 3 at the moment as well and it’s excellent especially in 2 player. Of course i can’t argue the fact that they do release games year after year with only small enhancements but i suppose can you blame them if its making them money?