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Yeah i cant argue the fact that its the same game released every year but it is actually a quality game in my opinion anyway. I think if youre into golf (or like me have just a passing interest in it) then you would enjoy a Tiger Woods game.

Of course if youre into football then that doesnt go to say that you would appreciate Fifa. Fifa is a god awful game and has been for years. Most football fans knows that Pro Evo or Football Manager are the games to get.

Thats not to say that you should buy the new version of Tiger Woods every October. I bought the 2004 game because i wanted a golf game, it was cheap and it was the best reviewed golf game id heard of on the PS2. I spent 2 months playing it and really enjoyed it so it was well worth it.

Most games i buy only last me 2 or 3 weeks. King Kong for example – a great game but i finished it in a weekend and i havnt touched it since. Tiger Woods still gets played every few weeks after nearly a year though.

So there…