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i cant name on person who owns a copy of katamari.

i know im having a good ol blast at EA but i dont know of any other company which have such a strong hold on the games industry yet have very few good games. :?[/quote:4f903c88e4]

Probably because Katamari was never released in Europe. I played it on a modded PS2, deadly buzz. Dunno where the owner got it from though, their international jet-setting lifestyle maybe (or maybe e-bay).
We ♥ Katamari is released here (about four months after the US!), so maybe you’ll end up knowing somebody who owns that.

I heard recently that EA are shifting their policy on funding development of original IP and trying to move toward a more innovation-based roster. Where was that? Oh yeah, our friend Scott Miller
And you may say pigs might fly, but lookit the MS and Lionhead situation, it might actaully be true to say that the wind of change that told everyone else “innovation is king” has finally reached the people on top of the publishing mountain.

As long as they keep making SSX games…as with the golf game for P.J, I can always come back for some more stoned snowboarding. Uber!