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thanks you two :D

i’ve done all i can think of.. restart , disconnect and try the FWHD on another computer..

the partition (one of two) is very invisible on the desktop…

both on OS9 and X .. 10.2.8 ..

when i ejected the drive on OS9 ..and removed it .. OS9 complained that a FW device had not been removed correctly.. ie i could not see the missing partition to eject it.. but the computer still saw it as connected..

i’ve even zapped PRAM and tried the terminal.. [clairefitchs computer~]fitch% cd Volumes/audio ..

there are 2 partitions on this FWdrive.. one of them is mounted on the desktop .. the invisble one is accessable but only through a route of saving something in other software.. or i can freely choose the files from the missing partition from Live4s browser