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God no (Although at the moment I do have a test app that shows all movements of units on the map, but that will be removed)

Its FPS/3rd Person.

To sum it up.

The clock starts at midnight. X amount of units move into Normandy. The player can select a unit(which match their own training and experience). They control that unit, until they either die, or get bored and choose another. They can select other units at any given time. With the AI picking up from where they leave off.

As the clock goes forward, the player has more and more units become available. This will allow the player to play in all areas of the battles.

The more units the player can pick from in all areas of conflict. Im currently looking at making German, US, UK, Canadian soldiers playable from the start. With considerations towards French Resistance, Polish, Austrailian, Irish and other nations.