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Yea Severance is basically a fancy Golden Axe,[/quote:8e69c8f60e] yes it is god bless it, and may it live on in our hearts for many years to come. Its a simle, no brainer hack and slash with enough skill to keep you interested, but no so much as to scare you off. Perfect time off fodder.

And as for Fable, you know Molyneux apologised for that heap of trash don’t you? It does very little of what it says on the tin, unless of course your tin is labelled “under cooked vegetable matter”.

The morality only seems to really affect your image, very little is closed to you regardless of your allignment. The game is mostly about customising the image of your character, only to have it ruined because as you gain skills you age, and its pretty rapid.

I tried playing it a lot to get deep into it, probably was the depth wan’t there. Play it if you have it otherwise read a good book